The private way of tracing contacts

We track infections - not people.

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An open-source project. 

only with full disclosure - we ensure full privacy.

Our Solution

Early detection of infection chains can prevent severe outbreaks. NOVID20 has developed an app that automatically detects and records encounters using Bluetooth, GPS and Nearby. In the case of new infections, persons with a high risk of infection can be alerted rapidly.

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Data Privacy

Privacy is one of our core values. Our solution is built around it, thus we do not collect personal data like your name or your address. Everything is stored locally and encrypted on the device - you have full control!

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Integrate in other Apps

To quickly and easily achieve widespread usage, the app was also developed as an SDK. This enables every operator to integrate a NOVID20 and thus extend our reach.

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Intro Video

Watch this short introduction to understand the core value of our solution.